Temporarily Closed Sunday and Monday

River Deck downtown Beaufort, SC Dear patrons and friends, We will be closed on Sunday and Monday until further notice. We are extremely sorry for this inconvenience. Like many other towns across America, the pandemic has greatly impacted our local labor force. We sincerely love our customers and are only closing (Sunday and Monday) out of necessity.

Most of our staff have been working six days a week since May of last year and need a break. We are hoping that with the new SCworks.org website, and the reduction of extra Covid-19 unemployment benefits, we will be able to restore our staffing levels to 7 days a week again soon.

Again, we appreciate your patience and invite you to join us Tuesday through Saturday for Inside dining or outside on the River Deck. If you or someone you know is seeking employment, please do not hesitate to reach us.

Thank you - Paul Thompson, Owner

Panini's Downtown

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