Locals Helping Locals, Special Thanks to Cathryn Miller

Local Charity Covid 19 AuctionWe would like to give a special thanks and recognition to Cathryn Miller of Lowcountry Event Services. Cathryn started a local Facebook Group page: Lowcountry Auctions for Bar, Restaurant, and Entertainment Staff out of work due to Covid-19 closures. We're asking for your support today to browse this much needed charity auction.

Auction for Bar, Restaurant, and Entertainment Staff

The idea of this Facebook group is to list items for auction, each item will have the name of the individual worker/entertainer at the top. We are inviting people to bid on the items, each action lasts 3 days and at the end of the auction the winning bidder will send the amount directly to the worker/entertainer via PayPal/Venmo or cash app.

Local Charity Covid 19 Auction

"Cathryn is always helping others including toy drives, fan drives for the elderly, Rogue Rescue, and many others. She is such a great person who I consider a great friend." - Thank you, Paul

If you would like to nominate someone who is out of work due COVID-19, message us with their story, and we will add them to the auction winning recipients. PLEASE SHARE THIS GROUP AS WE NEED AS MANY DONORS AND BIDDERS AS POSSIBLE. All money will go directly to the person nominated/affected and not to any 3rd party.

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