Panini's is Committed to Your Safety

Palmetto Priority On October 2, 2020, the South Carolina's Governor's Office ordered most precautions concerning Covid-19 with restaurants to be lifted. While we appreciate the opportunity to start to get back to normal, we also recognize the need to continue to keep our patrons and staff safe (over and beyond the Governor's order). Until further notice, the team at Panini's on the Waterfront will continue to help guard against Covid-19 by maintaining reduced occupancy, practicing social distancing, and (staff) wearing masks.

“Our state’s approach has been a measured, deliberate, and targeted one - aimed at keeping our economy open and our people safe.” - South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster

Specific Precautions Panini's will continue to take:

  • Every employee must wear mask
  • Every food handler must wear gloves (and changed regularly)
  • Frequent Staff Hand Washing
  • Extra Sanitizing of tables and chairs after each guest (Covid-19 approved sanitizer)
  • Tables set apart for increased separation of guest (8’ to table edge) or leaving an empty table between guests as needed
  • New UV Sanitizing Systems installed in all HVAC units or duct work to kill all airborne pathogens.
  • Although face coverings are still required for all customers, they are not required while dining.

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