Ideas for Booking Holiday Parties

Book your holiday partyBooking a Holiday Party, or any party for that matter, can be overwhelming if you don’t have much experience. It can be a daunting task to be responsible for meeting your colleagues’ expectations for a Holiday Party. But fear not, we have here some great pointers, which will surely help you on your way to a successful event.

Book your party as early as possible.
How early is early enough? We always suggest booking early 45-60 days out, but we're also happy to help with those common last-minute plans. You will never regret securing a great venue before the best locations are already picked over. Starting early will give you more options as the availability will be wide open. While some places may not accept a booking quite that early, you will save money and stress by booking as early as possible.

Know the basics of your specific event.
This is easy if you are the ultimate decision maker, but not so easy if the task is given to you by your boss or other superior. Ask the necessary questions to find out the basics for your event: the date/s, the time, the duration, what type of venue, sit-down or cocktail event, etc. Every company Holiday Party and event is different, and you need to understand the characteristics of your event to decide what will best suit your specific needs.

Use your resources.
Referrals are your number one, go-to resource. If you have friends that frequently coordinate events, ask them for their advice and recommendations. Many folks have recommended Panini's on the Waterfront with kind reviews.

Know the budget.
Have an exact budget and know it. It is okay to let the venues know your budget if you are working with reputable places. Sharing your budget upfront will save you time as this may eliminate some venues that are outside of your price range. Who wants to waste 15-20 minutes discussing the details if the venue is not right for budgetary reasons. Don’t forget to consider the tax and gratuity when trying to work within your budget. We are happy to provide an estimate of service costs.

Know the best style that fits your specific Holiday Party.
This is usually a good starting point when considering different venues. A ballroom vs. a super casual restaurant is quite a difference. Know what will suit your group and book the venue that will put a smile on the face of your guests. Know your group, the demographics, styles, expectations, etc. Use the information to figure out what size and atmosphere will be suitable for your holiday event. Our facility can be setup to arrange a variety of options, both inside and outside.

Consider any special circumstances.
Do you have kids in your group? Any allergies? Disabled guests? Communicate any special needs and circumstances in advance to the prospective venue. For instance, our Chef can prepare special a menu along with our many Gluten-free dishes. Together, we can make sure that all guests feel comfortable and have a terrific time.

Think about transportation.
Especially if you are serving adult beverages, you might want to think about the safety of your guests. Reimbursing for cabs or hiring a shuttle may not be cheap, but such measures are definitely a worthwhile investment. Alternatively, you could encourage guests to stay at a nearby Beaufort hotel by negotiating a special rate or offering reimbursement for the costs.

We hope these considerations assist you in planning the perfect Holiday Party with Panini's on the Waterfront. Call (843) 379-0300 or reach us online.


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