Having Dinner in Historic Downtown Beaufort

Beaufort Habersham Downtown Beaufort, South Carolina was built on dreams and whimsies. There have been hundreds of proposals by the waterfronts, thousands of shared kisses and memory-making moments, and hundreds of thousands of those same memories made between bonded families and loved ones. This beautiful and historic little paradise packs a punch of charm and fun, which can turn romantic in a heartbeat when the sun sets over a park bench by the water.

For those that have never been, Downtown Beaufort can take your breath away with comforts, shopping, and dining experiences galore. For those that have been numerous times, you can expect the same fun, elegance, and waterside indulgences that made you love the experience the first time, and then every single time thereafter. 

Stroll Down Bay Street

Take a stroll down Bay Street, where shops and restaurants line the sidewalks. The big bay windows are prominent in displaying their wares, so you can window shop or be enticed to go inside for a few vacation treats to take home.

Some of the most popular shops include:

  • The Lollipop Shop of Beaufort – This sweets shop caters to anyone with a sweet tooth, and all of their treats are homemade.

  • Bay Street Outfitters – A scenic little clothing shop with fishermen fashions and oceanic souvenirs.

  • Olive the Above – One fashion-savvy souvenir shop that serves up knick-knacks, sea-themed jewelry, and basically everything you could want to remember a fun-filled trip to Downtown Beaufort.


Check out the sunrises and sunsets of the beautiful Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park. Named for a famed mayor to Downtown Beaufort, this park can be serene, romantic, and family-friendly. The sidewalks line the waterfront, while a pier with benches offers the perfect place to have a snack, sip some coffee, and watch the ships dock. Children will love the playgrounds, while joggers, bicyclists, and leisure exercisers opt for the scenic waterfront trails.

For picnickers, this Waterfront Park boasts a small marina with hardwood tables and snack benches.


Free Shuttle Services to Downtown Beaufort at Your Convenience

Most visitors to Downtown Beaufort plan to walk the lengths of the town from one side to another. Which is great exercise, and a stellar idea, but how do you get there in the first place? For those that want to avoid shelling out for Uber, and those without a reliable car, there’s a free downtown shuttle service that takes riders through the Beaufort Cultural District and beyond.

The trolley typically runs from Thursday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm. So, hop on, go for a ride, spend your time in Downtown Beaufort, and ride back when your day is done. Easy-peasy and zero parking hassles.

The Experience and Dining Fun of Panini’s on the Waterfront

Panini’s on the Waterfront has been a restaurant favorite to Downtown Beaufort for quite some time. Their special deals and amazing menu items has kept them at the top of the restaurant ranks in the area, while their kid-friendly menus, decadent desserts, tables for couples, and comprehensive wine lists offer inclusive experiences for every kind of diner.

Example? For a limited time, locals to Downtown Beaufort can dine at Panini’s on the Waterfront and receive 3 hours of free parking in a special lot from 4pm to 7pm. You can only redeem this offer with your wait staff at the table

Need a few instances of delicious, regular menu favorites?

  • Ribeye Marsala. 10oz Ribeye, Marsala Sauce, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Daily Vegetable

  • Blanco Pizza. The brick-oven pizzas are some of Panini’s best sellers, with this one being one of the leading pies. Blanco is a white pizza, topped with olive oil, fresh mozzarella, homegrown basil, and fire-roasted garlic.

  • Beaufort Butter Clams. Big on seafood, this appetizer is comprised of local-caught clams in a butter, white wine, and onion sauce.

Live Music Downtown

Additionally, on a regular basis, guests to Panini’s can indulge in live music and jazz band entertainment. Get up and dance, or simply sit back with a nice meal and a glass of brew to listen to classics stream from the instruments of talented Beaufort musicians.


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