Do You Have Your Panini’s on the Waterfront VIP Gift and Rewards Card Yet?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

VIP Rewards and Gift Cards” style=Did you know that you can earn VIP credit towards free food at Panini’s on the Waterfront in Beaufort? That’s right! With our new VIP Gift and Rewards Card, you actually get a percentage of each purchase back every time you visit Panini’s! Now that’s something to celebrate! Simply purchase a Panini’s VIP Rewards Gift Card, which are sold in various increments. Then each and every time you use your gift card at Panini’s on the Waterfront, a percentage of your purchase is automatically added back on to your card. Here is how it works:


Panini’s Gift & Reward Cards Perks

•10% of each purchase gets automatically added to card balance

•Never expires

•No set up or maintenance fees

•Consumer can reload directly from their bank account or credit card


So, if you load $50 onto your Panini’s VIP Card from your bank account or credit card and then spend $40 at the restaurant, you would receive a credit for 10% of the purchase cost ($4.00) back on your card, leaving a remaining VIP Card balance of $14 instead of only $10!

It’s perfect to use for yourself each time you dine at Panini’s on the Waterfront or the perfect gift for anyone you know who is a local or loves to visit Beaufort. The Panini's VIP Gift and Rewards Card never expires and there is never a service fee. Your friends, family, co-workers, employees, or clients will love the gift of dinner and drinks at Panini’s on the Waterfront and you will love earning Panini’s dollars with every purchase you make!

To purchase a restaurant gift card, please inquire in-person during your next visit, contact us online, or simply give us a call at (843) 379-0300 to arrange payment and even mail delivery.

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